LOOX 600 died but reanimated

Yesterday my old LOOX 600 (using PPC2002) died. Since the device sometimes suffered from a hard-reset I know the real reason now! Having a good backup is necessary when using such a old device 😉 But this time the problem was: Battery did not charge. Worked when connected to AC power but not worked using the battery.

So I disassembled the device and tried to find problem.


When I disassembled my LOOX 600 I was a bit surprised that there where missing three of four screws. The next surprise was that there is a SONY battery inside. I think you know that there were some problems with SONY batteries in some laptops in the past?

The battery: SONY FUKUSHIMA UP383562A A5 CKB06C

I tried to switch on the device and suddenly it worked. So the battery was not the problem. It was just a "insulate contact" problem. So I assembled the device again (not entirely) and the touch screen not worked. There is small "ribbon cable" on the display which lost the connection to the motherboard. After connecting it the LOOX 600 works again!

Since at the bottom of the device there where three missing screws I used a screw from another location so that only two screws are missing now.



Using FSC Backup which worked fine in the past. But the current backup which is just some days old stopped at 24%. I’ll try another backup or copy it again to the SD card because sometimes this helps (sounds strange but it’s a fact).

The end

I hope that the "insulate contact" problem disappeared. I’ll continue in making regular backups 😉 Maybe you ask me why I do not buy a new device? I have a lot of accessories which (only) work with LOOX 600. TTN3 + Brodit Car holder, two docking stations, CF cards etc. Since the device just works there is no reason to upgrade. I am also using WM2003 and WM2005 devices but there is no new giant feature that forces me to buy a new device 😉


About hfrmobile

Nice guy but with a sarcastic type of humor. I have combined hobby and profession and I am happy about this. At the moment I am holding MCP, MCSE (NT 4.0), MCTS and MCPD certificates. Having experience in developing software for more than 15 years. Started learning programming using Pascal, Assembler, C/C++. Also having experience with non-Microsoft products / programming languages (e.g. PHP). Most experiences at the moment: MySQL, MS-SQL, PL/SQL, ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight (Windows Phone) and WPF.
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