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GoogleEarth: Even Google software is not perfect

GoogleEarth 3 (works perfect): GoogleEarth 3 worked perfect but today I upgraded GoogleEarth 4 with following result: Seems to be a graphic driver problem? The first time I could start GoogleEarth4 but then I resized the window and the software crashed. … Continue reading

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Yesterday I executed Microsoft’s OnceCare from within Windows Live. The full scan took me some hours with the following result: Information from OneCare help: Over time, the Windows Registry can begin to contain information that’s no longer valid. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Yesterday I found the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) after reading an article at wapedia (on a T-Mobile MDA compact II). Looks like a fantastic project with an interesting story. Read it at wapedia or Wikipedia 😉 I tried to browse … Continue reading

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High Tech for High Fun … Liveradio… You press play: Opening… Connecting to media… Ready Silence…. AAAAAAhhhhhrrrrr……… If you try again later (minutes, hours(!)) it maybe works…. Thank you Microsoft, thank you Windows Media Player! BTW, when do Windows Live … Continue reading

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Mixed Enlish and German

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The WebSMS site of crashed the wonderful and nearly perfect Internet Explorer 7…. With Firefox 2 the problem not occurred…. Something caused the IE7 to open new tab, and then a additional new tab, and …. tab … tab… … Continue reading

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Mobile Browsers: Minimo 0.016 / 0.2

Yesterday I have upgraded from 0.016 to 0.2 … Since 0.2 works less than 0.016 I have de-installed this piece of software again. See also Wikipedia for some information about Minimo.

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Mobile Browsers

At the moment I found no usable alternative to Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE). Minimo (unstable) Opera Mini HiFi (usable but a lot of mobile pages do not recognize that it is a mobile browser) Opera Mini LoFi (same as … Continue reading

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