Some days ago  my old DELL Latitude C810 suffered a BSOD: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME

I tried to boot from friend’s XP SP2 DVD (the original DVD was 50km away from the laptop) and used fixboot and later fixmbr but both didn’t work. Then I tried to use chkdsk command but there was an error reported that some .exe couldn’t be found.

Later I tried to boot from a Knoppix CD and this worked. The HDD and files where accessible but XP couln’t start or even access the HDD… Thank you M$…

Then I tried the original XP DVD and chkdsk. The chkdsk command from the original DVD started working and reported some bad sectors. After this XP Professional was able to start again.

H e u r e k a !!


But there are still problems with this XP Professional machine. I used HDTune to find the "bad sectors" (BTW, "Quick Scan" does not find anything, used "Full Scan"):


Only one bad sector. Possible. But this utility also reports temperature problem (default setting is that 55°C should not exceed):


But the fans are running sometime… Since I also using "Dell Inspiron fan control V2.2.0 (c) by C. Diefer" which does not report warnings even the HDD temperature is 58°C I hope that 60°C do not exceed…

Registry Editor

It is interesting that only one tiny bad sector is causing such problems with Microsoft Operating System…

regedit didn’t work because there was ACLUI.dll missing. Since this DLL is restored the Registry Editor works again.

Management Console (MMC)

Some extension of MMC snap in do not work now:

  • "{394C052E-B830-11D0-9A86-00C04FD8DBF7}", "Event Viewer Extension"
  • "{58221C69-EA27-11CF-ADCF-00AA00A80033}", "Shared Folders Extension"
  • "{5D6179C8-17EC-11D1-9AA9-00C04FD8FE93}", "Local Users and Groups"

The smlogcfg.dll is valid. Does somebody know how to solve this?

Active Virus Shield

Active Virus Shield (powered by Kaspersky) found two issues: Trojan program Backdoor.Win32.Mytobor.c (two times at different locations)

Of course Windows Defender found nothing. I am using the free version of Active Virus Shield which is not supported on Fista (eh’m Vista of course!). Thanks M$! I also evaluated "Windows Live Security stuff" for a while but this thing is expensive and found never a security issue (of course Vista is soooo secure that no intruder is possible…)


Access to the Internet works (I am writing this blog on the reanimated XP machine). I also have an configured VPN connection which worked before. But if I click the icon nothing happens (no error message!). If I try to setup a new VPN connection the Next button causes nothing happens (no error message!):

Does somebody know how to solve this?

Windows Setup

Add or Remove programs panel also not works perfectly. Add/Remove Windows components also had a problem (Setup library comsetup.dll could not be located or function OcEntry could not be found). One tiny bad HDD sector and Windows stops important things… and I love such error message a or b? Library not found OR entry point not found!??

Silent Exit

The machine suffered a "silent Exit" at this moment… So I stop writing this blog and to something else… (BUT NOT USING M$-Stuff ;-)). Stand by

Some days later

Silent exit not occured a second time. No problems do you think now? NO! Since VPN and other Network (Firefox worked, IE7 not = no surprise at this point!) stuff and Windows Installer not worked I decided to to a Repair Installation. "Aber diese Arschgeburt von Betriebssystemscheiße hat’s wieder mal nicht geschafft" …

Endless loop in setup! Setup crashed and rebooted and resumed setup and crashed etc. I tried nearly everything started from booting from Knoppix, Windows Live CD, several BOOT discs, boot.ini, F8, $winnt$.inf etc. but there was no way to cancel the faulting Installation…

Original XP DVD not worked… (Setup endless loop):


more reliable … HAHA!!!

With another XP CD (including SP2) the setup worked (more or less) and I was able to boot Windows XP again…. Thank you M$!

Windows XP Installer & Co.

Yes, you’re right non-M$-products still work after "repair installation" but M$ products like Office stopped working (I can start Word but then it says: for the current user Word is not installed and then quits…)

OK, VPN and the other network stuff works again. But the installer is a bit strange now…. Downloads updates from the best Software company in the World (Microsoft) and every update fails. When logging off "Install 86 updates and shut down" but… Yes, not works. IE6 was installed not IE7. Tried to install SP3 manually which took me hours (prepare downloading…. downloading…. ……….. failed…..):


Cool stuff, isn’t it? Windows Experience still tries installing fucking updates and still fails… Oh.. just looked again …. 87 Updates now for failing to install…


Just repaired killed Office installation. Used M$ Windows Install Cleanup Utility which worked (hopefully)….


About hfrmobile

Nice guy but with a sarcastic type of humor. I have combined hobby and profession and I am happy about this. At the moment I am holding MCP, MCSE (NT 4.0), MCTS and MCPD certificates. Having experience in developing software for more than 15 years. Started learning programming using Pascal, Assembler, C/C++. Also having experience with non-Microsoft products / programming languages (e.g. PHP). Most experiences at the moment: MySQL, MS-SQL, PL/SQL, ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight (Windows Phone) and WPF.
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