15 seconds!?

Annoying and completely stupid behavior when syncing files using WMDC. A lot of changes are lost!!

Then I looked at FISTA File Explorer:


Everything looks fine you may think? Really? Then have a look at Date created and Date modified!!

M$, please tell me how it could be that a file was CREATED on Sept, 13th 2008 but was MODIFIED on Sept, 4th 2008!! Please, please tell me!! OK, I have a LEGAL COPY OF THIS SUCKING FISTA STUFF!!!!!!! SUPPORT???? NO WAY ….?

Since I know how developers at Microschrott seems to work, I had a backup … Then I found something about "Tunnelling" …

Sorry for my dirty words but Vista’s and WMDC’s behavior makes me really, really angry!

Then I found this blog entry http://www.jroller.com/dschneller/entry/windows_date_created_timestamp_strangeness and related blogs which explains everything … But it does not explain why Date Created and Date modified are different for more than 15 seconds. I think it is a WMDC issue. Be aware of loosing data/information when syncing files between your mobile device and FISTA!

Ken Brown:

[…] Obviously not serious, but I bet that someone, somewhere, has an application that depends on file creation dates and wonders why it goes wrong every now and again. That is a *mild* potential security problem, if only because it could cause confusion. Documentation bugs can be security problems. Unexpected or unwanted behaviour from a machine is always a potential security problem.

Yes, yes, yes …. I agree ….!! ActiveSync (WMDC) is one of such an application!!!

Daniel Schneller:

[…] But seriously – I will never understand (and even less appreciate) – why Microsoft tends to always choose backwards compatibility over reliability. Maybe this was a sensible feature right when long filenames on FAT volumes came about, but seriously, is it necessary to carry this all the way to the 2003 server? I bet it is still present in Vista as well….

Yes, yes, yes …. I agree ….!! Backwards compatibility? Ever tried to open a Pocket Excel (.pxl) file under Windows Mobile 6?


About hfrmobile

Nice guy but with a sarcastic type of humor. I have combined hobby and profession and I am happy about this. At the moment I am holding MCP, MCSE (NT 4.0), MCTS and MCPD certificates. Having experience in developing software for more than 15 years. Started learning programming using Pascal, Assembler, C/C++. Also having experience with non-Microsoft products / programming languages (e.g. PHP). Most experiences at the moment: MySQL, MS-SQL, PL/SQL, ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight (Windows Phone) and WPF.
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