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Fista Ultimate and Skype 5

Just tried so sign into Skype 5 in order to test a Logitech Headset but Login hangs and then: Skype.exe is not killable through Task-Manager … In my opinion an OS should be able to kill a (stalled) process … … Continue reading

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test-post without ampersand in title …

Since my last post with title Copy&Paste didn’t appear in the list I assume that the & in the title may be a problem for Word Press or Live Writer 2011!? Ahaaa … it is just delayed … (BTW, this … Continue reading

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Copy&Paste is a “killer feature” and worked since the old days I used Windows 3.1 … But today, software is very sophisticated, and sometimes I get the following message when I try to use Copy&Paste within Adobe Reader X (Version … Continue reading

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Limits ;)

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SkyDrive not available?

Since a picture says more than thousand words: Translation from German to English: JavaScript necessary for login. Btw, I am using an English version of Excel but the error message is in German … To be honest, I am also … Continue reading

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