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It seems that this strange folder is created by some “Live software”? Maybe “Live Sign-In Assistant”? Why is this folder created? When is this folder created? Why is this folder necessary? Who really needs it? What thought the developer during … Continue reading

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Just rebooted the machine but still does not work …

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Some days ago  my old DELL Latitude C810 suffered a BSOD: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME I tried to boot from friend’s XP SP2 DVD (the original DVD was 50km away from the laptop) and used fixboot and later fixmbr but both didn’t work. … Continue reading

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WINDOWS folder in Recycle Bin!?

Yesterday I saw that my recycle bin was not empty on my company laptop running Windows Server 2003… So right mouse click on the recycle bin… "Really delete WINDOWS?" … Cancel…. What shit is happening here? Since the computer is … Continue reading

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GoogleEarth: Even Google software is not perfect

GoogleEarth 3 (works perfect): GoogleEarth 3 worked perfect but today I upgraded GoogleEarth 4 with following result: Seems to be a graphic driver problem? The first time I could start GoogleEarth4 but then I resized the window and the software crashed. … Continue reading

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A very strange thing which is not needed (as I googled I have found a lot of newsgroups posts of this non-professional thing). Following reasons why I’d like to get rid of it: I do not use a Xerox scanner … Continue reading

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Betas Imho the Betas worked better than the RC…!? Release Canditate In many cases very, very slow! Slowest at pages! I found some strange things: Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs Since I … Continue reading

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